Office of the Federal Public Defender-Northern District of California


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Below are links to sample motions filed by AFPDs in the Northern District of California, as well as some contributions by CJA counsel and other defense counsel. Many of these briefs are in multiple formats--pdf, word, or word perfect.

To incorporate these motions into your brief, download the brief and edit it in either Wordperfect or Word. The motions will obviously need further formatting after this transfer. More importantly, you must update the research in these motions and tailor them to the unique facts of your case. There is nothing less persuasive than an obvious boilerplate motion with outdated law that does not reflect the unique case before the Court. Using these motions as boilerplate, without updated research and modification, is a disservice to the client and a misuse of this briefbank resource.

If there are any motions that contain outdated summaries of the law, or that rely on authority that has been overruled, please contact Candis Mitchell with corrections.

Bail Pending Sentencing (2000) word perfect pdf word
Bail Pending Appeal (1993) word perfect pdf word
Opposition to Govt Motion to Revoke a Release Order (2010) pdf
Competency & Sells
Unopposed Referral for Competency Evaluation (2005) word perfect pdf Word
Opposition to Govt Motion for Involuntary Medication (Sells) (2004) word perfect pdf word
Ex Parte Application for Rule 17(c) subpoenas
Attachment for Rule 17(c) subpoena, police previous misconduct
Disclose Search Warrant Confidential Informant (2003)
Disclose Confidential Informant (2009)
Disclose Confidential Informant (2010)
4th Amendment
Disclose Search Warrant Confidential Informant (2003)
Motion Disclose Confidential Informant (2009)
Motion Disclose Confidential Informant (2010)